The Best Warranty In Western North Carolina...Now That's Smart!

Rest Easy With PlumbSmart. No one offers a
longer warranty on water heaters and filters.

Flush High Prices and Unpredictability Down The Drain Forever

Its estimated that 50% of Americans can't afford a $500 emergency. By reallocating just a portion of your cable bill, you can automate your plumbing and avoid unexpected expenses. Consider this: Your water heater collects debris over time, potentially leading to costly damage. Take charge of your plumbing now to protect your home and your finances.

  • 24/7 Support
  • 5% Off Replacement
  • 15% Off All Maintenance Calls
  • 1 FREE Water Heater Flush Per Year
  • 1 FREE Part Replacement With Year Inspection
  • 1 FREE Whole Home Check-Up

All This For Less For Only $35 Per Month!

Get Smarter Or Its On Us!

We're called PlumbSmart for a reason. Our founder is dedicated to educating customers so they can protect their investment! With every visit, our team will share in writing a tip to help you protect your home.

If you don't get a tip, simply tell us for a $25 credit.

That's The PlumbSmart Way!

Your Safety & Property Is A Top Concern

At PlumbSmart, we understand and respect your property and safety. That's why we carefully qualify each team member to ensure your information, home, and family is 100% safe.